Frequently Asked Questions

Is Photofeeler really free?


By giving your opinion (voting) on other people's photos, you earn feedback on your own.

As a timesaver and to get more feedback faster, there's also the option to buy Credits instead of voting.

Who can see my photos?

When you start a test on a photo, other Photofeeler users (within your selected voter demographic) can see that photo in order to give their feedback.

Once the test is done, your photo becomes completely private again.

Will photos show up in Google search?


Your photos can only be seen by other users while you're running a photo test.

Will my photos ever be used or displayed without my consent?

Absolutely not!

This is the last thing we want users to have to worry about. Every photo we publish for marketing purposes is a stock photo or has explicit permission from the owner. Your photos are safe with us!

Do you sell my data?

We don't sell your data, period. Our revenue comes from Credits purchased on the platform, and we won't clutter your experience with annoying ads. Photofeeler is all about giving you the best photo testing experience without compromising your privacy.

Why test photos on Photofeeler instead of asking people I know and trust?

Good question!

While it might seem like asking friends and family for feedback is a good idea, they can actually be too biased to provide objective opinions. Plus, they're (usually) not your target audience.

Friends know the backstory behind your pics; strangers don't. So that hilarious moment in Cabo when you chugged a Long Island off a surfboard may be a peak memory for you and your friends but can come off a bit unhinged without context (e.g. on dating apps).

But that is the purpose of Photofeeler: when your picture isn't coming across right to strangers, we'll let you know that so you can dodge the misinterpretation.

Why don't you just compare two different photos ("pick A or B")?

Ah, we have some interesting reasons for that!

#1. Testing photos one at a time allows us to consider the possibility that neither photo is any good.

#2. Our trait-based testing provides multidimensional results, allowing you to make contextual decisions based on different traits like likability and competence. This is much harder to gauge accurately when you're busy comparing two images.

#3. The more context you give, the less it's an unfiltered first impression. Showing multiple photos simultaneously introduces bias by giving voters more info than they would have when viewing each photo individually.

Why can't Photofeeler just test my face (instead of the photo)?

When it comes to photo testing, it's impossible to separate the person from the photo. Voters naturally form impressions of the person based on the picture.

Perceptions from photos can often be wrong though, which is why different photos of the same person can get completely different results.

Keep in mind– your photos are all people have to work with. They're making a subconscious assumption of who you are as a person with minimal context– our trait-based scoring tells you (as closely as possible) what that assumption is, so you have the opportunity to alter it.

How do I raise my photo test scores?

Every trait matters when it comes to the big picture (pun intended).

In each photo testing category, we've pinpointed the top three traits that research proves play a crucial role in shaping first impressions. You can choose to focus on enhancing one trait at a time or work on improving all three simultaneously.


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Isn't the voting system easily gamed?

Not at all!

Thanks to our sophisticated AI, we can detect and filter out bad votes in real-time. We're constantly improving our algorithms to ensure poor-quality voting doesn't affect your results. We take fraud seriously, and voters who consistently provide low-quality votes face consequences.

Is Photofeeler accurate?


Photofeeler is the most accurate tool in the world for photo feedback.

In addition to our sophisticated fraud filters and AI vote processing, we ensure that no one can vote on the same test twice (even if it's paused and restarted a year later), that multiple tests running from the same account are adequately spaced out from each other, and more — all in order to fiercely protect the statistical accuracy of results.

However, if by accurate you mean, "Is Photofeeler right about how smart or attractive I am as a person?" then no. If you're curious to learn why, the following answers will explain better.

Why do different photos of the same person get different scores?

If you showed up to a job interview in a ratty old tank top, you would make a different impression than if you showed up in a suit.

Factors like lighting, angles, and presentation influence the impression voters get from your photos. It's not that voters are fixating on the characteristics of the photo itself; rather, the photo subconsciously influences how they perceive you. Different photos can evoke different perceptions, leading to varying scores. It's all about the power of presentation!

Are Photofeeler scores true about the person?

No, impressions are different from reality. Photofeeler can only measure impressions, which is why you can get different results based on how you choose to present yourself.