What is Photofeeler?

Photofeeler is like having your own personal team of friendly humans who are ready to dish out unbiased (but respectful) feedback on your photos. Whether you're wondering about your profile pic or just want some honest input, Photofeeler is here to give you the lowdown from a safe, controlled environment.

We get tons of emails from current users celebrating new relationships and job offers– so input truly does make a substantial photogenic difference!

How does it work? (Behind the tech)

Our trusty algorithms and AI work in real-time to detect any funny business, ensuring only genuine votes reach your photos. We even have a top-notch VoterStyles algorithm that filters how people have different tastes and voting styles, so every opinion counts.

And don't worry about poor-quality voting or repeat votes; we have all sorts of precautions to keep things fair and accurate.

We have respectful, prewritten notes and moderated custom notes, so you’ll never receive hurtful comments. We also issue user bans for negative or demeaning behavior.

What matters to us is…

The main goal of Photofeeler is to give people the opportunity to understand their online persona. Each photo has its own vibe; we just help you get to the bottom of yours. What are people thinking about you from your pic selection?

We are Photofeeler, not Peoplefeeler (sounds creepy, doesn’t it?)—we test photos, not people.

We provide the opportunity to fine-tune your online impression. Because how many times have you seen a maybe-attractive person with meh photos? Hard to tell their vibe, huh? With only seconds between swipes, giving yourself the gift of quality profile photos is really a game-changer.

More on our philosophy