What is Photofeeler?

Photofeeler is a data science company.

Our flagship product helps people land good jobs and life partners by optimizing their profile pictures using a combination of human opinions and our own groundbreaking AI technology.

The philosophy and values behind our tool


There's plenty of literature that suggests people are unable to see their own photos objectively, so our tool was created to fill this need. We're big believers in the scientific method and applying the necessary distance and detachment in order to accept whether our preconceived notions hold up to scrutiny. We believe that objectivity, as opposed to ego, is where progress originates.


While good science requires objectivity, scientific detachment never necessitates belittling another person. Maintaining a culture of respect on our platform has always been of massive importance to us. We accomplish this with careful moderation, user bans, and by using our app defaults wisely to nudge users towards polite ways of voicing criticism.

Photos, Not People

Photofeeler tests photos, not people. This is an important and largely misunderstood distinction. Unbeknownst to most people, photos don't show us as we really are — not even in the strictly physical sense. Not only do photos distort physical reality, they are also highly unreliable for depicting a person's general manner. Different photos tell completely different stories.

Your Profile Isn't You

Profiles are just images and text. They can communicate very little at a time and will never show the full truth of a person — only a small sliver. Therefore, we shouldn't tie our identities to the good or bad performance of our profiles. Rejection of a profile is rejection of the particular images and text that were chosen; it's not necessarily a rejection of the person behind them.

Dating for Everyone

The popular dating apps, while taking over the world, put way too much focus on photos (which are unreliable for portraying people accurately). As a result, the wrong people are matching, and people with the least propensity for taking good photos — due more to lack of skill than bad looks — are falling into isolation. By giving daters greater control over the impression their profiles are making, Photofeeler plays a role in helping people make life-affirming connections.

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